Amazon Photography

Amazon Product Photography

Lately Crossfire Photography had a lot more and more requests for Amazon Product Photography. The good news is that we are set & ready to deliver photos to the Amazon Specifications while you wait. Whether it’s a garment, sporting goods, lifestyle product or anything in the big wide world of Amazon Crossfire can help you win over the competition for very little cost. 

Our Amazon Photos have a clear background and show the product in series of up to 10 images

Our Amazon Photos have a clear background and show the product in series of up to 10 images

Getting you product online through Crossfire Photography is so simple that it often takes about as much time as getting a haircut or less ! Most of the time consuming work is in the post prouduction studio where we will tweak your product photos so they are optimised within the Amazon Photo Specifications.

 Why not contact us and then drop by with the product for an obligation free run through. To make it easy we have off street parking and level access access to the studio via our loading dock. Simply roll or walk your product in and then we will show you how to beat your competitors with a professional Amazon product photography set.

What does it cost? Our pricing is so competitive we can’t put it online – so call 0408 284 256 now.

 Before you come along - here are a couple of tips for your Amazon product photos.

 Product Colours

Amazon product photos are on a clear white background – so if you have a slection of product colours you are better photographing mid coloured ones that will bounce out of  the background.

Detail & Styling 

People love detail – so before you bring in your products think about how your product stands out from your competitors so that we can capture all of it’s special qualities.

 Garments & Flat Lays

Garments – smaller sized garments photograph better as flat lays. So when bringing garments for flat lay – bring smalls and /or mediums stock and try to keep them all the same size.