Oswald & Barcom Studios - Five Years Young


Happy Fifth Birthday to Oswald & Barcom Studios

Our mentors - Oswald & Barcom - celebrate 5 years in the studio hire biz.

Our mentors - Oswald & Barcom - celebrate 5 years in the studio hire biz.

It only seems like yesterday when I decided to redesign the Crossfire Photography working studio into a multipurpose hire studio space. I am not big on marketing … actually, I still have the flyers in the office from five years ago and sooner or later I will get them out. So it is the regulars and word of mouth that have kept Oswald & Barcom alive. This year has been the busiest so far and we have seen more & more repeat bookings perhaps we are doing something right?

Oswald & Barcom has worked as a Stills Studio, Video Studio, Gallery Space, Life Drawing Space, Meeting Space, Offsite Space, Popup Gallery / Shop, Party Venue & Glamour Studio


Although I can’t mention everyone - I would like to thank some of the regulars.

  • Artful Hens

  • Ascraft & Cloth Julie

  • Brightworks

  • Cath & all the other Instagrammers

  • Chris Cuffaro / USA

  • Crossfire Photography clients.

  • Lees Models

  • F45 Training

  • Frida LasVegas

  • Glen Gante

  • Main Course Films

  • Mikella / renaissance-magazine.com

  • The Australian Museum

  • The Creative Foundry

  • The late - Martyn Cook

  • The Melbourne Photographers

  • Richard Hedger Photographer

  • Stephen Stewart Photography

  • Sue Robbins Photography

  • Vintage Luggage Company

  • WOW Retail Advertising

Finally, I have to thank http://www.creativespaces.net.au for making us more visible  I love the site and it is not for profit but so useful for anyone looking for a creative space.

To celebrate our birthday we have treated the studios to a few upgrades including

  • Upgraded furnishing in Cyclorama Studio

  • More Rugs on Cyclorama Studio

  • In addition to Cyclorama, there is now a shooting wall — with an edge for room set looks.

  • Improved Sound Deadening for Video / Audio

  • Updated Gallery in Lounge Studio.

  • Swedish built Profoto strobes come standard with a hire.

  • LED Continuous Lighting now available in house for Video Work

  • New chargers & Connectors - for newer Macs & I Phones

  • Upgraded Stereo System in Lounge Studio

  • Coffee Machines now in both studios.

  • New light stands plus a Video Tripod with Dolly.

  • Coffee Machines - now in both studios.

All this with the same low-stress approach to studio hire so you can continue to Make Your Ideas Happen at Oswald & Barcom Studios. Cheers From Andrew Richardson Mbl 0408 284 256 www.oswaldbarcom@ozemail.com